Employee well-being and care tailored programmes for remote and distributed teams

Online sessions and workshops to help people maintain productivity and manage stress at work
Well-being programmes and workshops that help people stay resourceful, productive and engaged at work
We believe that well-being is essential for a fulfilling professional and personal life. We also believe it can be improved through small but regular actions. That's why we have created accessible to all practical sessions that improve physical and mental well-being.
These sessions can be introduced even during lunch breaks!
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Online well-being solutions

It's not always easy to work from, that's why it's a great idea to introduce a new common activity for your team. Also, you don't want your team members to overwork when working from home.

Mindfulness skills can help to emotionally detach from work: stop thinking about tasks after work, be able to focus on what else matters in life, be more present when spending time with friends and family.

Mindfulness skills can be developed through yoga and meditation sessions. It takes time, but indeed improves not only one's personal life but also one's professional life. Being mindful means being able to stay focused, present, non-judgemental and to switch one's attention at will.

At work, it means a more productive approach and the ability to switch effectively from one task to another, and to maintain positive relationships with others.

We offer tailored online programmes that consist of weekly 15 to 60 minute live-streaming yoga and meditation sessions. Book your free trial in the section below.
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Why companies choose our programmes
Regular weekly sessions encourage people to remain active even when working from home. This supports their well-being, and therefore work performance and job satisfaction.
Good for your health
Our bodies were created to move around. Yoga, even at a desk, helps to improve flexibility, posture, balance and coordination, as well as to relax tensed muscles.
Increases psychological flexibility
Mindfulness skills help to stay in contact with the present moment regardless of unpleasant thoughts, feelings, and bodily sensations, while choosing one's behaviours based on the situation and personal values.
Suitable for people of all levels of fitness
We cover basic breathing techniques, a warm-up, beginners postures, guided relaxations and a short meditation. We modify postures as needed to make it suitable to all, and take into account precautions and health conditions.
Our services
We work at the intersection of organisational psychology, business management and mind-body practices. We also deliver trainings and workshops to improve employer brand, the onboarding process and to help increase awareness of financial well-being.
Tailored online workshops and trainings
If you struggle with high turnover, weak employer brand or are in need of a well-being programme, we are here to help. We believe in the power of a people-focused way of managing business, and will help you to get equipped with psychological insights, skills and best practices needed for success.

We can design and deliver practical workshops, coaching, and tailored online programmes, such as:

  • An introduction to mindfulness workshop
  • Burnout awareness training
  • Career and business coaching
  • Financial well-being course
  • Remote onboarding programme development
To make an enquiry, please email: [email protected]
Online well-being practical sessions
On-the-spot solutions to support well-being and the performance of your people.

We invite you to give our weekly online mindfulness, corporate yoga and meditation (15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes) sessions a go.

We will arrange everything for you. Your team members will only need their laptops.
Pay for the class, not per person

To make an enquiry, please email: [email protected]
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How we work
Book a free trial for your team
Book a free session with us and collect feedback from your team members. If they love it, let's have a chat.
Chat with us about your needs
You know your company well. We know lots about well-being and can find a suitable solution for you.

We will ask your team about their fitness levels and well-being goals. Based on that, we will design a programme tailored for your team.
We design the programme
We'll take a couple of days to tailor the programme and will share it with you for final confirmation.
Join the Zoom session
We meet you in Zoom and facilitate the session.

Bonus: we will record and send you a shorter recap session, so people who could not attend are able to enjoy it later. Your new hires will love it too!
Meet our team
Svetlana Elfimova
Co-Founder of WWC
Business Psychologist (MSc), meditation teacher
Svetlana Elfimova is business psychologist (ABP member), specialising in organisational development and employee well-being. She also coaches on career and burnout prevention.
Diana Suleimanova
Co-Founder of WWC
Professional body mind practitioner
Diana Suleimanova delivers mindfulness sessions with a functional approach for busy individuals who want to restore work & life balance and maximise their health, fitness and mental well-being.
Angelika Grechnaya
Business development at WWC
Independent well-being consultant
Angelika Grechnaya is a Business Psychologist and Existential Analysis practitioner. She helps organisations and individuals to reach their maximum potential by evaluating and improving employees' motivation, job satisfaction and overall well-being.
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