22 – 26 June 2020
Well-being Week by We Well Consulting

How to Support Well-being in the Era of Post-lockdown
We enter a new era – the post-lockdown. We have no idea what to expect after we step out from our home office safety net and shift back to our regular offices, particularly from a psychological and financial perspective. We cannot control everything, but what we can do is to look at the options to prepare ourselves and our teams, as best we can, for the reality of the post-lockdown.

A group of behavioural experts and financial advisors have joined forces and designed a post-lockdown, well-being strategy for working professionals, HR leaders and business owners. The webinar is for those who are returning to workplaces and those who are remaining home for a bit longer.

Well-being Week "How to Support Well-being in the Era of Post-lockdown" is series of webinars and virtual workshops that will provide you with the tools, knowledge and confidence to support yourself and your people through this uneasy transition back to relative normality.
In Zoom

For whom:
HR leaders,
business owners,
working professionals

To get ready and develop a strategy to navigate transition
Featured talks
by UK based and qualified experts
Financial Adviser
Your Personal Finances and Covid-19 Explained
Business Psychologist
Measuring Employee Well-being Post-lockdown – the DOs, the DON'Ts and the Way Forward
Organisational Development Consultant
How to Improve Resilience and Focus with Mindfulness
Business Psychologist
Career coach
Presenter and Host
Body Mind Practitioner
The Connection between Physical and Mental Well-being
Employee Well-being Solutions

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